Platelet Rich Plasma ( PRP)

We have been using PRP in sports medicine for a few years. now.  Much debate still continues about it’s effectiveness.

It is a treatment that has very little downsids.   It involves taking the patient’s own blood and using centrifuge techniques to separate the platelet elements and plasma.  This separated fraction is felt to have blood products that may accelerate healing if injected in the injured area.

This recent study shows some effectiveness in chronic patellar tendinopathy.

I use it upon patient request.  There is an equipment charge of $500 dollars not covered by insurance when used in the office.  Again, true effectiveness as an in-office procedure is being debated and studied.

I use PRP frequently to treat incisions post – total knee replacement and partial knee replacement.  I have seen significant improvement in post-op bleeding and pain with it’s usage.  It allows patients to leave the hospital quicker and start rehab sooner.