Platelet Rich Plasma ( PRP)

We have been using PRP in sports medicine for a few years. now.  Much debate still continues about it’s effectiveness. It is a treatment that has very little downsids.   It involves taking the patient’s own blood and using centrifuge techniques to separate the platelet elements and plasma.  This separated fraction is felt to have […]

Electronic Medical Records Monopolize Doctor’s Time

Patients should know more about the electronic medical records (EMR) that has and will continue to dominate their medical documents now and in the future.  Doctor’s experiences with EMR have often been far from good.  Patients don’t realize  how much and in what ways it will impact them. Good blog article here.

How easy is it to measure quality in medicine?

Interesting commentary here.on this subject.  There is a lot of emphasis now in health care going forward on quality, quality metrics, quality performance, etc. without much specifics on what exactly that means. I come from a background that when I trained in orthopedic surgery and sports medicine, we were considered to have the highest quality […]